Created to be Creative

finding purpose and fulfillment


My name is Arleen Jennings.  I’m the author of Created to be Creative: find purpose and fulfillment through creative outlets.

On my web page I have also included a blog.  Some stories will be about creativity and others will be my thoughts about life from a godly perspective.

Our success driven culture dictates a good deal of our behaviors and this stretches most of us to our physical and emotional limits, leaving little or no time for creative pursuits.  Consequently, time, or should I say, the lack thereof, is one of the biggest hindrances people have in becoming creative.  This can change. Please take a few minutes to look around my site to learn more.  To know when I’ve posted a new blog, please follow me on Twitter or Facebook.Arleen Jennings

Excerpt from Foreword
“Arleen Jennings’ book Created to be Creative takes seriously the attribute of the creativity of God and illustrates how this characteristic in people is a reflection of God’s creative nature. It is not a choice we have but a mandate. We are called to perform creative acts because we are made in God’s image.
Art is about communication. Communication through a very specific language of images, sounds, poetic words, and dance are forms. Communication is essential to our humanness. Only the dullest of thinkers believe that ordinary language is sufficient to address all the experiences of life.”  Ted Murphy – Professor of Art, Houghton College

From my Pastor
Arleen has drawn upon her two passions: the Word of God and her Artistic Gifting, to encourage us to allow ourselves to be challenged to discover our talents.  She will provoke you to push past your fear of failure and give yourself time to grow in the maturing of your gifting. Created to be Creative deals with more than art, the principles Arleen expounds upon in this book are applicable to all of our life endeavors.  She will motivate you to never give up, but rather to try again and again until you discover your niche: what God has given you that may be hidden, even from yourself.  Arleen encourages you to explore, and find the uniqueness that God has given you.  You were Created to be Creative.”
Pastor Patrick Lyons / Gospel Fellowship Church / Belmont, NY


Letchworth Upper Falls - acrylic by Arleen Jennings

Letchworth Upper Falls – acrylic by Arleen Jennings

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